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We only provide strategies that we invest in ourselves.
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Trading CFDs carries considerable
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How Spenty works

It is almost impossible to make strategic decisions without deep knowledge.
Much better with a few proper strategies rather than 1000 bad ones. Excellent job offering these to us!!
Thomas Smith Privat
Only regulated brokers 🏆 High level of trust with use of regulated brokers only…
Monica Stevens Entrepreneur
Had a few questions before signing up – quick answer and a very good solution to me questions… Keep up the great customer service.
Vincent Hall Investment Banking

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    Get answers about Copy Trading here

    1. Who handles your funds?

    Spenty does not handle any of your funds – it’s the broker you choose that you will make all deposits and withdrawals to. Hence why we only use regulated brokers.

    2. Why is it free?

    Copy trading strategies normally come with a monthly cost – We do not charge any costs for using the strategies that we provide. Instead, we get a commission each time you trade. Therefore it’s in our best interest that your trading performs well, so you keep trading with us.

    3. We only use regulated brokers

    The use of a regulated broker with a license to operate in the main jurisdiction is crucial. The license can, for example, be from the EU or Australia where you have government authority that will investigate the broker if you have a complaint. Also, there is a compensation scheme if the broker goes bust.

    We only partner with regulated brokers. The majority of brokers for example operate in the EU and are licensed in Cypress with the Government body known as CySec.

    At this list, you can see which brokers are regulated under CySec (EU) regulation.

    4. Is Copy Trading time-saving?

    We did the hard work and tried to find profitable trading strategies. Then you only choose among our handpicked strategies.

    5. Our goal

    We aim to find the best and most reliable trading strategies for you to copy. We daily screen the market for new trading strategies. When we find some interesting ones, we test for a period. If the trading strategy performs well then, we offer the strategy to the platform.

    6. What’s the odds trading on our own?

    The rule of thumb when trading Forex or CFD’s is:

    • 90% of retail traders lose their funds in 90 days
    • 5% is break-even
    • The last 5% is profitable.

    These is the odds you are facing when trying to trade yourself.

    Taking the above into consideration we brought you some trading strategies that we have tested and invested in ourselves.